Chanting of Pātañjalayogasūtras

A unique course by Kaivalyadhama. Chanting of the Pātañjalayogasūtras is one of the most important aspects in understanding them. Chanting them takes us to the heart and soul of the Sūtras. This Course will cover all the Sūtras of Yogadarśana (Pātañjali’s Yogasūtras, Pātañjalayogasūtras, Yogasūtras, Yogadarśana, Pātañjali’s Yogadarśana all are synonyms) focusing only on pronouncing them properly and not on their meanings. We will begin with simple rules of Saṃskṛta pronunciation, which are required for the Sūtra chanting. Pronunciation of Alphabets – Vowels and Consonants of Devanāgarī lipi (script) in which Saṃskṛta is written. The sound production process of Saṃskṛta is very smooth flowing process. It flows like a waterfall or like a river following natural inclination for movement. It is the travel of the prāṇa from in to out. This course will give the knowledge of the Saṃskṛta letters and how to pronounce them.

Course includes

Pātañjalayogasūtra Chanting and Vyakarana

  • Outline of the Course

    Basic understanding of Sthāna / place of the sound production of the Saṃskṛta alphabets. Practice of ‘Kaṇṭhaḥ’ / Guttural sounds, ‘Tālu’ / Palatal sounds, ‘Mūrdhā’ / Retroflexes, ‘Dantaḥ’ / Dentals, ‘Oṣṭhaḥ’ / Labials, Kaṇṭhatālu / Guttural – Palatal sounds, Kaṇṭhoṣṭham / Guttural – Labial sounds, Dantoṣṭham / Dental – Labial sounds etc. Chanting all 195 Sūtras. Sūtra-by-Sūtra. And, each Sūtra will be taken word-by-word. And each word will be broken into its components for better understanding and then all the components will be put together to chant the Sūtra in its original form.

  • Why this Course?

    This Course is purported to help in reciting the Pātañjalayogasūtras as per the Śāstra (scriptures), thereby leading to their understanding. And, to make original Saṃskṛta Sūtras modern-student-friendly without violating the traditional grammatical norms and rules. With a view to make it simple and render the Śuddha-pāṭha (the correct text).

  • Key Points

    Understanding and practice of Sthāna / place of the sound production of the Saṃskṛta alphabets. Chanting of all 195 Sūtras. Sūtra-by-Sūtra. Chanting of all Sūtras word-by-word.

Course Access for 1 Year